Acupuncture treatment that anyone canreceive safely and comfortably.

Many people think that acupuncture needles are painful and scary, but I decided to offer "painless and non-scary acupuncture treatment." and started to use ultra-thin needles in my treatments. At the beginning of the treatment, I use the thinnest needles with a diameter of 0.12 mm, and change the thickness of the needles depending on the physical constitution and symptoms. Some patients are treated with only the thinnest needles. Unlike regular acupuncture, Patients do not wait for acupuncture needles to be inserted into their bodies.This method reduces the patient's fear and makes the acupuncture treatment more comfortable. I have also incorporated elements of "craniosacral therapy" to make the treatment more comfortable for patients because their bodies are tired and stiff.

Relief and Improvementof Symptoms

I want to provide a comfortable time for our patients. I do not use strong or physically demanding treatments. I provide gentle treatment that suits your body. I try to make the acupuncture treatment such that it feels like you have received the ultimate relaxation, but also includes a therapeutic effect. My clinic is staffed by a female acupuncturist. Ladies, please feel free to visit us.

I am responsible for people with thefollowing symptoms