Acupuncture treatment that everyone can receive with peace of mind

Many people think that acupuncture is scary and painful. That's why I thought about acupuncture treatments that are painless and not scary. I use one very thin acupuncture needle in my treatment. The one acupuncture needle used is the thinnest needle with a diameter of 0.12 mm, and depending on the person, the thickness of the needle is changed. Also, unlike regular acupuncture, you will not have to wait with the needles stuck in your body. With this treatment method, patients became less fearful and began to enjoy the comfort of acupuncture. In addition, since the body is stiff due to fatigue and tension, we incorporate the elements of craniosacral therapy so that you can receive the treatment more comfortably. Our clinic is operated by a female acupuncturist. Ladies, please feel free to come.

condition of the body to do better

The disorder may not be improved by taking medicine or removing the lesion. A good state of the body can be drawn out by the stimulation of human hands and acupuncture. Bring out your own self-healing ability and lead to improvement of your troubled symptoms. Please feel your physical condition improve and your troubled symptoms improve after receiving our “Acupuncture and Moxibustion Craniosacral Therapy”.