Fee and access


Short 30 min.   3,000yen
Standard 60 min.

Beauty face 60 min.

No initial consultation fee
No tax


2-1-14 Ojihonmachi, Kita-ku, Tokyo

Ryo Acupuncture Clinic is located in front of Oji Daini Elementary School.

It will be a detour, but there is an elevator when heading from Oji Station to the ward office, so if you use the elevator, you can come to my clinic on a flat road.


“Inarizaka” next to Inari Shrine is a very steep slope. Google displays it as the shortest route from Oji Station, but please avoid this slope.

If you take a bus

For Akabane Station West Exit[赤50]Bus stop in front of Mizuho Bank

Get off at Honcho-Dori, the third bus stop from Oji Station.

Bus timetable from Oji Station to Honcyo-Dori

Bus timetable from Honcyo-Dori to Oji Station

If you come by car

My clinic does not have parking. Please use nearby coin parking.

The coin park next to Ministop, which is the closest to my clinic, seems expensive.

If you come bybicycle or motorcycle

Please park on the clinic grounds.