Hello. My name is Ryoko Kina of Ryo Acupuncture Clinic. I have had acupuncture done while continuing to play sports, so acupuncture has been a little familiar to me.


When I was deciding on a career path, I decided to go into the medical field. I thought that acupuncture and moxibustion were good because they cause changes in people’s bodies without the use of drugs, so I became an acupuncture and moxibustion massage therapist.

Looking back, my motivation to become an acupuncture and massage therapist was a small one, but when I received acupuncture from an acupuncturist, my body changed dramatically, and this acupuncture allowed me to clearly feel “pressure points”. I was convinced that acupuncture points are indeed there, and for more than twenty years (it is now 2024), I have been dedicatedly pursuing the path of acupuncture.


I believe that many people hesitate to receive acupuncture because they have a negative image of acupuncture: “Acupuncture seems painful and scary. I don’t want to receive painful needles either.


That is why I began researching acupuncture based on the concept of “acupuncture that anyone can receive with peace of mind.

My treatment begins with the thinnest needles, No. 0000 (0.12 mm in diameter). This fineness almost never causes pain.

Sometimes I stimulate the skin with 0000 needles and sometimes I insert needles into the muscles.

Even though ultrafine needles are used, they are inserted into the body, so there may be a prick when they cut the skin. However, there is no strong pain. Everyone relaxes during the treatment.


Also, we do not use only 0000 needles, but also change to thicker or longer needles according to the symptoms and constitution.

To touch the body is to read various information from the body. Acupuncture is a “hands-on” treatment, so how your hands are developed will greatly affect your treatment.


I have spent a lot of time developing my hands so that I can obtain more information when I examine or touch the body.


I examine and touch the body with my hands to decipher why the symptoms you are suffering from have occurred. I try my best to convey what I have read about your body as clearly as possible.


Nippon Sport Science University graduation

Junior and Senior High School Teaching license (Health and Physical Education)


Obtained Japanese national certification as an acupuncture and moxibustion massage therapist

work experience