What is the treatment environment?

The treatment is performed in a private room, so the patient’s privacy is protected. Please do not worry about your surroundings and receive the treatment in peace.

Is acupuncture painful?

To soften the stimulation of the needles, ultra-fine, soft needles are used, so there is almost no pain. There may be a light prick when the needle is put into the skin. In many cases, you will not feel anything, and in some places, you may feel a slight resonance deep inside.

Can acupuncture cause infection?

Acupuncture needles are disposed of after each session. There is no risk of infection.

How often do I have to go through it?

For symptoms that significantly reduce the quality of life, it is preferable to continue coming to the clinic once a week for 3 months (12~14 visits).
Those who are seeking physical maintenance can come to the clinic at their own pace.
We do not strongly recommend appointments. Please make an appointment according to your schedule and budget.

Can I bring my child?

There is no baby room, but children can be allowed to play in the waiting room or around the beds while they receive treatment.

Is it safe during menstruation?

Treatment can be performed during menstruation. Treatment during menstruation improves blood circulation and relieves menstrual discomfort.

Is this a women-only clinic?

We are not a women-only clinic. We have male visitors as well.

Do you have treatment clothes?

Shorts are provided as therapeutic clothing. The upper body is treated while wearing your own underwear.