My treatment

Treat the whole body

I treat the whole body because the body is all connected. Even if you have knee pain, we touch you from head to toe and adjust your entire body. I offer a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, and cranio therapy according to the patient’s body.

The condition of your body is explained while touching your body.




Use ultra-fine, soft needles Use

Many people feel scared when acupuncture needles are used in a treatment, even for the purpose of improving the body. To reduce this fear, we use ultra-fine needles (0.12 mm in diameter).

In addition, the needles are very soft because they are of high quality.

The use of ultra-fine, high-quality needles reduces the pain of needles and the fear of needles.

Touch the acupuncture points precisely

Acupuncture treatment is important to touch the acupuncture points accurately.

By accurately touching and stimulating the acupuncture points, changes will occur in the body.

The position of acupuncture points varies slightly from person to person, and the depth and angle of acupuncture points are also different. At my clinic, I will accurately capture your acupuncture points. Acupuncture needles work gently on the body when they are properly placed in the acupuncture points.

About moxibustion

You may do moxibustion about the size of a sesame seed. You will feel the stimulation of tingling heat for a moment.

Check for physical changes

At the end of the treatment, check to see if the patient’s body has changed properly. Please touch and move your own body to check the changes in your body.

Acupuncture treatment will change your body over the next few days after the treatment is completed.

Please take it easy and avoid drinking, exercising, and taking long baths on the day of your treatment.

Tea after treatment

Organic herbal tea will be served after the treatment. Please take a break after the treatment.