About my Treatment

Treat the whole body

The body is all connected, and symptoms and pain have a lot to do with the overall condition of the body. Even if you change only the part of the body where the symptoms are present, the symptoms will quickly return and will not be resolved fundamentally. Therefore, at our clinic, we treat the whole body no matter what the symptoms are.

Use ultra-fine, soft needles

To reduce the fear of acupuncture needles, our clinic uses high quality acupuncture needles that are ultra fine and soft. The better the material of the needles, the more comfortable they are for the body. High-quality needles are soft and almost painless, which is very good.

Touch the acupuncture points precisely

The position, angle, and depth of acupuncture points differ from person to person. The effect is achieved only when the acupuncture points are accurately identified and stimulated just the right amount. For this reason, we are particular about accurately capturing acupuncture points, and strive to accurately capture the 0.12 mm point called an acupuncture point. We touch the acupuncture points so that the patients can feel “my acupuncture point is exactly here”.

About moxibustion

Moxa moxa about the size of a sesame seed may be applied. Burn 80-90% of the sesame seed sized moxa. The stimulation is just enough to feel a tingle of heat or warmth.

Check for physical changes

The body will change and improve over the next few days after receiving acupuncture. Please take it easy and avoid drinking, exercising, and taking long baths on the day of treatment. Observe your physical condition the next day or two or three days after the treatment.

Tea after treatment

Organic herbal tea is served after the treatment. Please take a break with tea after the treatment.