Eyes and Ears

Eyes/ears symptoms



Those who suffer from eye strain always have stiff neck and shoulders. By relieving stiffness in the neck and shoulders and adjusting the whole body, eye strain is also improved.

After the acupuncture treatment, you will notice a clear change in your eye strain, such as images becoming less blurred, your vision becoming brighter, and your vision becoming clearer.


Glaucoma, normal tension glaucoma

Glaucoma and normal tension glaucoma are treated with a combination of ophthalmology and acupuncture, and many patients receive acupuncture when ophthalmology treatment is not as effective as expected.

People with glaucoma may have a swollen head and neck, and by regulating these reactions, eye symptoms are stabilized. We have received reports of reduced eye drops and stabilization of intraocular pressure.

We have also received many reports of stabilization of their pre-existing glaucoma after they began receiving acupuncture for knee, shoulder, and back symptoms.

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I have treated many cases of vertigo, including Meniere’s disease, sudden hearing loss, pseudo-Dandy’s syndrome, benign positional vertigo, orthostatic hypotension, and dizziness of unknown cause.

Vertigo is a very common complaint and is often associated with people who have underlying medical conditions.

The same vertigo problem can have different physical conditions, but those with strong vertigo may have swelling and tension in the scalp and ear area, and stiffness and distortion in the neck and shoulders. Many people with vertigo improve by having their necks especially adjusted, and we take special care in treating the neck.



Tinnitus is a difficult disease to improve. Some of the tinnitus patients I have treated have had their tinnitus disappear or the sound become quieter, but others have not experienced any change.

It is possible that the tinnitus will not change, but we are happy to hear that the body changes after receiving acupuncture and moxibustion, and that the patient feels more energetic and has a better quality of life than before.


Sudden deafness

It is recommended that acupuncture be started during the first two weeks of onset of sudden hearing loss. Sudden hearing loss that begins acupuncture during this period has a better prognosis. This disease, the cause of which is unknown, can be improved by enhancing the condition of the kidney and liver of the body. Sudden hearing loss improves when the whole body is in good condition, not just the ear.


Eustachian tube obstruction

Eustachian tube obstruction comes to the acupuncture clinic after a long ride in a vehicle on a trip and after having the ears drained by an otolaryngologist, but it does not get better.

Many ear symptoms are caused by a lack of power in the liver and kidneys, so acupuncture and moxibustion are used to make these energetic so that the ears can pass. This is a symptom that has a relatively good course.

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