Neck and Shoulder

Neck and shoulder symptoms


Neck & shoulder stiffness

Shoulder stiffness, which many people experience, is the “source of all illnesses. Chronic stiff neck and shoulders are not only painful but also worsen physical conditions, causing various symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, increased blood pressure, numbness in the hands, and decreased grip strength.

Neck and shoulder stiffness that feels painful needs to be maintained even from time to time. At my clinic, I use acupuncture and moxibustion to relieve stiff neck and shoulders in a pleasant way.
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Sprained neck, Donot move neck 

This is a condition in which the neck is stuck due to additional stress on the stiff neck and shoulders. Mild cases will get better in one session, but if other factors are involved, several treatments may be necessary.


Frozen shoulder

In Japan, it is called “forty shoulder” or “fifty shoulder” because it is common in people in their forties and fifties, and it indicates a condition in which the shoulder joint is stiffened and cannot move.

A frozen shoulder  can be improved with acupuncture. The shoulder joint moves and then stiffens again…… repeatedly, and improves.

I explain that a frozen shoulder requires one course of treatment (once a week for three months). Mild cases improve quickly, but a frozen shoulder requires a certain number of treatments to improve.


Hand pain, numbness, decreased grip strength

Those caused by strong stiffness in the neck-shoulder and thoracic region, such as thoracic outlet syndrome, are generally better in course.

I explain that many people who come to our clinic have pain, numbness, etc. caused by cervical deformity and nerve root compression, so one course of treatment (once a week for 3 months) is necessary.

I was told that surgery is an option, but surgery involves risks, such as taking a scalpel to the front of the neck, and I don’t know if it will get better after surgery …… The patient is worried.

They come to my clinic for acupuncture. Some patients’ pain and numbness improve immediately, while others take longer.


Tendovaginitis, Spring Finger

Tendonitis is a disease with a good course of action.

If the condition has progressed to spring finger, it will take time to improve because it has occurred over many years. Many people with spring finger have problems with their cervical spine, and I carefully treat them from the neck and shoulders to the spring finger.



The number of treatments depends greatly on the magnitude of the accident, the shock, and the severity of the symptoms.

The body is stiff and tense, so I take a gentle approach to the body. With the approval of the insurance company, many people receive acupuncture treatment with their insurance.