How much does acupuncture turn a breech baby?

The belly of a breech pregnant woman is often hard and distorted. During pregnancy, the “blood” is drained more and more, so pregnant women are very tired of living the same life as usual, causing various physical problems and making the belly more distorted and stiff.


Such a belly is soft and round after receiving acupuncture for breech delivery, and both doctors and midwives are amazed at this change.

When a pregnant woman’s belly becomes round and soft, it is easier for the breech to turn, so “acupuncture and moxibustion craniofacial therapy” helps pregnant women regain their natural “round and soft belly”.

Please be assured that even if your belly is distorted or stiff, a pregnant woman’s belly will often change its expression. Please take it easy and spend your time even if your belly returns to a round and soft state after the treatment😊.

Sometimes I get asked by pregnant women with breech babies, “How likely is it that the breech baby will turn if I get acupuncture?” I am asked, so I have recently started to write the results in a chart.

However, the pregnant women who come to the clinic are at different gestational weeks, receive different frequency and number of treatments, and have different risks, so they cannot simply be compared in one.

Each pregnancy and each breech baby is unique, so please use this as a reference only.(It is said that the smaller the fetus is, the easier it is to turn, and the more likely it is to turn if the acupuncture treatment is performed while the fetus is estimated to weigh less than 2000 g.)


number of weeks Number of treatments result consideration
30~31w 2 sessions of 60 min. edema
31~32w 2 sessions of 60 min. Scoliosis. This mother is taking a pregnancy tummy pill that does not make her stomach hard.
32~34w 4 sessions of 60 min. × There is pubic pain. She was in the lower part of her abdomen and her belly appeared to drop. Mother’s condition improved, no more pubic pain, but her belly did not round. 35 week checkup and it did not turn.
30~34w 3 sessions of 60 min. Swelling is present. No minor problems during pregnancy.
34~35w 2 sessions of 60 min. The fetus is in the same position and seems hard to turn. But the result is good ✨
34~35w5days 2 sessions of 60 min. The fetus was small and hospitalized, but the breech was turned so she could deliver vaginally.
35~36w6days 3 sessions of 60 min. At 37 weeks, the breech was cured by external rotation. Acupuncture treatment softened her abdomen to the point where she did not know why she was breech, and the doctor said that she would most likely be able to turn.
33w6days~35w6days 3 sessions of 60 min. × The baby has made a full turn. It changes direction from side to side, but its head does not drop.
33~34w 2 sessions of 60 min. There was a little hardness in the abdomen
but the stiffness was also improved.
31w 1 sessions of 60 min. There is stiffness in the shoulders and lower back.
30w 1 sessions of 60 min. All three were breech babies and all three were successfully rotated after acupuncture. All three times I was able to deliver naturally.
34w 2 sessions of 60 min. The older child had a fever and did not come to the clinic. The result was not known.
29~35w 3 sessions of 60 min. 施術間隔が2週間以上開いているのでお腹の変化が観察できない。
33~34w 2 sessions of 60 min. × 切迫気早産気味で薬を服用している。胎児が育っていないので緊急入院になり帝王切開に。この子は状況的に回ることがない逆子でした。
33~34w 3 sessions of 60 min. 多少、足にむくみ。大きなマイナートラブルはない。
34w 1 sessions of 60 min. 横子。足が浮腫んでいる。
35~37w 3 sessions of 60 min. × 切迫早産気味で張り止めを服用。身体を整えるとお腹が既に下がっていた。
32w 1 sessions of 60 min. 軽いむくみ。大きなマイナートラブルはない。