We make five promises to ensure that you receive treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.

1.Gentle touch on the body

When touched or rubbed with strong force, the body stiffens to defend itself against the stimulus.

We want to change the body to a soft and relaxed state, so we touch gently enough to prevent the body from becoming stiff and follow the flow of the body.

2.Be particular about the tools you use.

Acupuncture needles are of high quality. Good needles are made of soft metal that stretches well and is gentle to the touch when pricked.

The acupuncture tube through which the needles are passed is made of thin stainless steel, and the acupuncture tube is chosen so that it will not deviate from the acupuncture points it captures.

3.Acupuncture needles are disposed of after one use.

Acupuncture needles are disposed of after each session. There is no risk of infection.


We do not strongly encourage reservations. We do not sell anything. Please make reservations according to your schedule and budget.

5. Treatment is performed in a private room

The treatment rooms are private rooms, so your privacy is protected. Please feel at ease during the treatment.

If you have any concerns, such as being a little cold, feeling too much stimulation, or needing to use the restroom, please let us know.