Dark circles under the eyes

There are many different types of insomnia. Each type of insomnia is different, and treatment will be tailored to the type.

A common problem with insomnia is the formation of dark circles under the eyes.


Dark circles under the eyes can be faded with acupuncture treatment for now.

If the insomnia is not improved, the dark circles will darken again, and if the insomnia is improved, they usually remain light.

When I see patients with insomnia, my first priority is to get them to sleep. Because I think that if they can sleep, the dark circles will naturally fade and that the most important thing is to improve their fundamental constitution. This time, however, when I performed a treatment to fade the dark circles of an insomniac, she was very pleased.


The goal is “to be able to sleep,” but when we improved the dark circles under the eyes, which can be done immediately, the patient became very cheerful. It is very important to improve the immediate problem first.

This patient’s whole body was changed to a good condition by acupuncture treatment. The blood flow improved and the swelling flowed away, so the dark circles faded immediately with just a little approach to the face.


Through the acupuncture treatment, I felt I was able to get close to the patient’s feelings ✨.

Insomnia also improved with each session and her complexion improved. I am glad you are satisfied with the results.