long covid19

We have heard that many people are diagnosed with post-coronary syndrome. Many complain of “fatigue and lethargy.

The person with corona aftereffects whom we are now treating also complains of lethargy. His legs are white and bloodless, but from the neck up, heat has accumulated and he has a red face.

There seems to be poor blood circulation and a weak digestive system due to the accumulation of dampness in the body as well.

Her neck, shoulders, back, and hips all had symptoms, and her back was swollen.


By the end of the three treatments, his legs were much better and skin tone. The back bulge is also much gone.

Since she goes to the clinic during her work, she often misses time between treatments, but when she receives acupuncture and moxibustion, she clearly feels that her health improves and says, “I better come back. She is coming to my clinic because she can’t come consistently.

Since they cannot come consistently, we are able to change their bodies little by little.


The advantage of receiving acupuncture and moxibustion is that it helps to improve the physical condition from the internal organs. We examine the condition of the six internal organs, select acupuncture points, and make changes from within the body. We will also carefully adjust the condition of the stomach and intestines. And let’s improve the aftereffects ✨.

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