A lady came to our clinic with sciatica. She said she was finally able to come to the clinic because her elderly nursing partner’s condition had calmed down. It is hard work 💧.


Her pelvis was distorted and her left leg was shortened. I had a bloodshot left eye, pain in my right shoulder, and several other symptoms, but they improved after 6 visits once a week.

She was relieved to see improvement during July because it was too hot in August and she did not want to go to the hospital.

We aligned the length of her legs and adjusted her pelvis, and this alone helped the pain subside considerably. By the time the blood flow in her legs was restored and a nice color, the pain had improved 😊.


The sciatic nerve is a deep nerve. Acupuncture is easy to approach nerves that are deep.

Since the cause of sciatica is different for each individual, the speed of improvement also depends on the symptoms each individual has, but rather than just randomly taking painkillers, please try acupuncture once if you are suffering from it.

Instead of suppressing the pain with medication, let’s change your body to one where sciatica does not occur.

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