My acupuncture treatment

The concept of my clinic is “to provide acupuncture and moxibustion that anyone can receive with peace of mind.”

Acupuncture is highly effective when the treatment technique is done properly.

However、many people do not try acupuncture treatment because they think it is painful and scary.


To slove this problem, I decided to use ultrafine acupuncture needles.

These needls are 0.12mm in diameter. Many people treated only with this acupuncture.

Change to a slightly thicker acupuncture needle depending on your constitution and symptoms.


I don’t do acupuncture where the patient has to endure and fear.

I lose the extra stimulation of acupuncture needles. I strive the patient feel comfortable during the acupuncture treatment. Provide proper improvement.

I will continue thete studies and efforts.