Lady cannot turn her head to the left

The 89-year-old lady has a sore neck. She cannot turn to the left.

When I touched her neck, I could see that her cervical vertebrae were severely deformed.


The woman said she was experiencing numbness and pain in her arm. She has suffered from this pain for a long time.

Bones with age become deformed. In addition to the deformation of the neck bones, there is lumbar spinal stenosis. Her muscles have become weak and her pelvis is tilted backward.

The body is interconnected, affecting each other. It is less effective to treat only the neck and arms. The whole body needs to be rebalanced.

After the first treatment, the patient’s neck was able to turn to the left. The lady was overjoyed. However, this improvement does not last. She needs to continue to receive acupuncture treatment to change her whole body.

The lady is very cooperative, so she has been getting better and better after repeated acupuncture treatment. She said she does what she loves to do with her life. I hope she enjoys it in good health.