A gentleman and legs pain

A man came to my clinic. He said to me, “My right leg hurts and I can`t walk well. My leg started hurting after I tried to exercise while watching TV.”


He has never been to an orthopedist before. I listened to his story and thought his symptoms were”sciatica”.

I explained to him about sciatica and the symptoms he had. Then I began acupuncture treatment.


This is the first acupuncture treatment in his life. I thought he would be nervous, but he was relaxed and received the treatment.

His lumbar spine was very deformed. This can be a major problem.


He came to my clinic once a week. After a while,  he was able to walk normally.


He is 75 years old over now. He has to sit for long hours to do his job. His lower back is weak. For this reason, he chose to work while maintaining his body with acupuncture.

His lumber spine is deformed and prone to pain, but he knows how to deal with his body well.